August 15


If you are a Judge or Volunteer please be at the gym by 530 pm to go over all of the standards and lane assignments and last minute touches to the gym. Thanks to all of you. 

Summer Slam Saturday the 16th First wod Starting at 8am sharp, come out and watch a great day of competition. There will be no parking in the gym parking lot that day. Park in the back or in REM. If you can try and car pool. Thanks so much. 

Friday the 15th there will be no CrossFit Classes after the 12pm class due to set up for the comp. If you are volunteering or judging we are going to go over our run throughs and put out all information so everyone is on the same page in the morning. That meeting will take place at 515pm, job duties and descriptions will be assigned. I want to thank everyone before hand for your guys support and effort, we couldn’t do this without you. Thank you. 

Competitors there will be a wod posted for you on the board. I am very excited to watch ALL of you compete this Saturday and I wish you all the best of luck. You are all well trained and ready to go…believe in your self, communicate with your partner, stay in your lane, go hard focus and always think. I am proud of all of you. 

RX: Overhead Press 4×5 @ 7 RPE Then Push Press + Jerk 4×2 @ 7 RPE. For Time 400m run then ”Grace” 30 Clean and Jerk @ 40/60k, 400m Run, then “Isabel” 30 Snatch @40/60k 30 min cap

Gold:  Overhead Press 4×5 @ 7 RPE Then Push Press + Jerk 4×2 @ 7 RPE. For Time 400m run then ”Grace” 30 Clean and Jerk @ 30/50k, 400m Run, then “Isabel” 30 Snatch @30/50k 30 min cap

Silver: Overhead Press 4×5 @ 7 RPE Then Push Press + Jerk 4×2 @ 7 RPE. For Time 400m run then ”Grace” 30 Clean and Jerk @ 015/20k, 400m Run, then “Isabel” 30 Snatch @15/20k 30 min cap.

Endurance: 3x30sec speed steps. 3×5 max height box jump’s. 50 weighted back ext.

Post WOD : 5 X 1O ghd situps

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11 Responses to August 15

  1. Ben says:

    Lift : 50K

    WOD : 14:10 goldish…50K C&J, 40K snatch

    Good luck to all those competing tomorrow!

  2. Jessica Boyle says:

    Lift: 27K, 30K
    WOD: 18:45 25K, 20K
    Post: done

  3. Craig G says:

    Good luck everyone competing tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

    Mobility before and after.
    Competitor WOD: 18 min row with 30 DU, 5 PU, 10 TTB every 5 min

  4. Brandon DeWitt says:

    OHP 40 k
    PP and jerk 45 k

    Wod 23:13 Gold 50K snatch is a new pr so why not do 30 of them.

    Thanks for the help Seth and Brad

  5. Rachel says:

    OHP: 4×5 @ 35K
    PP/Jerk: 4×2 @ 45K
    WOD: 11:56 RX

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