August 18


I want to thank EVERYONE that helped and judged, supported us in any fashion Saturday at the competition. You all did an outstanding and completely amazing job. It would not have been successful without you guys, you are the backbone of this place and I want to thank you all for the handwork and dedication you all put in towards our gym. Thank You.

Rx: 5×2  Power Clean+2 Jerk @8 RPE. Then, Every Other Minute on the Minute for 15min. Complete 7Chest To Bar Pull Ups and 7  Front Squats (70/105). On the opposite minute complete 1 rope climb. 

Gold: 5×2 Power Clean+2 Jerk @8 RPE. Then, Every Other Minute on the Minute for 15min. Complete 7  Pull Ups and 7 Front Squats (50/70). On the opposite minute complete 1 rope climb attempt.

Silver:5×5 Power Clean Progressions. Then, Every Other Minute on the Minute for 15min. Complete 7  Jumping Pull Ups and 7 Front Squats (30/40). On the opposite minute complete 1 rope climb attempt.

Endurance: 50 weighted Lunges and pro- Agility x6

Post WOD : 3 X 10 Russian Twist Heavy

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16 Responses to August 18

  1. Alicia Unkrich says:

    Lift: 40k
    Wod: 4c2b, 7fs @50k

  2. Rachel says:

    Clean & Jerk Complex @ 60K
    WOD: Gold + RX Rope Climbs
    Post-WOD: 3×10 Russian twists

  3. Jessica Boyle says:

    C+J 35K
    gold + rope attempts

  4. Craig G says:

    5×2 Power Clean + 2 Split Jerk @ 62k

    Oly Program Week 3 – Cleans (Making up missed day from last week)
    5 Power Clean Complex (1 PC + 10 Front Squats) @ 50k
    30 Hang Muscle Clean @ 50k
    30 Hang Power Clean @ 50k
    10 3 Position Tall Clean Complex (1 shallow + 1 parallel + 1 full) @ 50k

  5. Jaye Heater says:

    C&J 50K
    WOD: Pull-Ups/FS 50K + Rope Climbs

  6. andrea says:

    c&j complex: 45k
    wod: fs at 45k – 7 push-ups – all rope climbs, and have the rope burn to prove it.
    post-wod: russian twists with 10k plate and some serious stretching of shoulders and upper back.

    and… wanted to say thanks to 2.2 and everyone who was involved on saturday – it made my first competition a great experience! and it was awesome to have so many people cheering sarah and i on throughout the day – what a great 2.2 family we have!

  7. Erin K says:

    C&J complex 60K
    WOD: 50K FS + 3 strict pullups (high as possible but def. not CTB), and 1 rope climb

    Thanks Chris for doctoring me up and pushing me during the wod.

  8. Chris says:

    C&J Complex: 100k

    WOD: I thought it was Rx until I just re-read it. I did butterfly pull-ups trying to work some CTB but didn’t realize it was supposed to be actual CTB. So, got a few butterfly CTB but the majority were straight pull-ups. The rest was Rx. OUCH!

    Nice job everyone on this one! That gets heavy!

  9. Gary Moore says:

    C&J Complex: 54K
    Wod: 50k FS, Got some of my rope climbs but not all but I did get some good rope burns. I also learned not to climb the ropes with just your arms. I was pretty tired by the 3rd set. I guess you need to listen to your coach. :)

  10. Tommy says:

    C&J Complex: 91

    WOD: Train Wreck City, Not sure what I did or didn’t do. Lost my wind on the first round then lost the mental battle.. I’ll be back tomorrow.


  11. Ben says:

    Lift : 70K

    WOD : I’ll 2nd what Tommy said…I think I got 3 sets of FS @ 70K and was gassed. Dropped down to 50K for rest. Front rack and I do not see eye to eye…

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