August 19


What makes our box great is that no matter what level you are at, no matter how good you are, no matter what age, we ALL suffer together towards the goal of becoming a better version of ourselves and help each other push towards that goal. What ever you want to call it, Family, Brotherhood, we are all in. 

July and August have been very busy months for us with events, and we would like to thank every one for there support and participation in each and everyone. Look for some fun upcoming events this September. Again thank you all for the support and participation. 

Remember please to continue to keep registering for class, so we can see and plan for how many people will be attending each class. This is important to us. If you need help learning how to register in Zen please see anyone of the coaches for assistance and we will be happy to help you

Rx:  Back Squat 5×3 @ 8 RPE. Superset with 10 strict Ring Dips. Then. for time complete 30 calorie row, 40 Handstand Push Ups, 40 Alternating Pistols, 30  DeadLifts (85/125). Every min you must stop working and complete 5 Burpees. 15 min time cap

Gold: Back Squat 5×3 @ 8 RPE. Superset with 3 strict Ring Dips. Then. for time complete 20 calorie row, 20 Handstand Push Ups, 20 Alternating Pistols, 20 Deadlifts (60/85). Every min you must stop working and complete 5 Burpees.

Silver: Back Squat 5×5. Superset with 10 Box Dips. Then. for time complete 20 calorie row, 30 Push Ups, 40 Air Squats, 30 DeadLifts (30/40). Every min you must stop working and complete 5 Burpees.

Endurance: 3x1000m Row (1:1)

Post WOD : 50 TTB


  • Back squat: 65k super set w/ 5 strict ring dips
    WOD: 18:58rx the DL killed me

  • Back Squats: 70K, 75K(4) x3
    Ring Dips: with black band
    WOD: 17:44 RX rep scheme, DL @70K, HSPU w/2 mats, Pistols (not to depth, but hopefully getting closer)

  • Back Squats: 5×3 @ 80k superset w/ 10 dips on the RDL machine.
    WOD: 9:54 Gold. DL @ 90k. Had to switch to assisted HSPU on a box after 10 reps, couldn’t get myself to stay balanced against the wall while getting into place..

  • 5×3 back squats: 65, 70(4); superset with 5 box dips
    wod: did 30 reps of each movement, 30 cal row, dl at 65k… finished at 17.14 and stopped the burpee penalty for minutes 16 and 17 :)
    post-wod: 50 hollow rocks, 50 10k russian twists, and several failed attempts at hs walks…

  • Back Squats: 120, 125, 130, 135, 130 (Need to start cleaning up my technique and depth)
    Ring Dips: Lots of fun.

    WOD: 30, 30, 40, 15 (110K) @ 15:00

    Would have stayed to finish but I had a conference call which I’m ignoring to post this.


  • Lift : 4×3 @ 120K, 1×3 @ 130K superset with 10 box dips

    WOD : Not sure what to call it…28 HSPU w/ 15K plate and ab mat / 20 push ups, 30 cal. row, 40 assisted pistols and 8 DL (85K) at time cap. Tried pulling 125K when I got to DL and that wasn’t happening w/out losing my back. All I know is these last two WOD’s have confirmed that my cardio still sucks…

  • Fun day today, got a lot of variety in.

    Oly Program Week 4 – Snatch (Last week of starter program)
    5×5 Snatch deadlift @ 50k
    7×3 Snatch pulls @ 50k
    10 3 position power snatch + overhead squat complex (1 hip + 1 above knee + 1 below knee) 1 @ 50k, 9 @ 40k

    5×3 BS @ 110K superset with ring dips/box dips alt each rd.
    WOD: 8:43 gold, strict hspu with 2 abmats unbroken (need to drop an abmat), 125k deadlift
    Post WOD: 50 TTB, few attempts at trying butterfly PU (goal for this week)

  • Back Squats @ 65k superset w/ 3 strict ring dips

    WOD: got through 12 pistols at the time cap- 7 HSPU w/ no ab mat and then the rest w/ 1 ab mat- these took me awhile, shoulders are still sore from the weekend

    PostWOD: done

  • BS: 110K w/ 10 ring dips.

    WOD: 9:50 everything was Rx except I did 100K on the DL.

  • Lift: 75k (no ring dips, hurt my shoulder)
    WOD: Started with/pistols. 21 HSPU left at time cap. DL w/70K

    I am still recovering from the weekend, everything felt heavy and hard.

  • BS -65(1) 70(4) superset w 10 strict ring dips.

    Wod – subbed regular push-ups for HSPU :( pain in the neck. Literally.
    85k DL unassisted pistols 18:08

    Post wod- barbell lunges and a visit to Dr. Chris.

  • BS:55K
    WOD:gold 50K @ 9:45

  • BS: 75(5) superset w/ 10 strict ring dips

    WOD: DNF- 23:33 RX. One of the most mentally taxing wods I’ve ever done. HSPU in sets of 3-4/minute. Pistols weren’t much better. HUGE thanks to Tom and Seth who got me through that workout, especially Tom who did my last 50 or so burpees with me. Both were shining examples of what Ro posted about in today’s blog…family all working to better e/o. Feeling quite humbled.

    • Erin I’m really proud of you. I could tell you were struggling but you pushed through it and finished. It is an example of your drive. I know you have been there for me many times to help me get through a WOD. We are definitely a family!

  • back squat: 5×3 @90k superset with 10 box dips.
    WOD: 7:43? gold. Need to work on HSPU. They weren’t very good.

  • Lift BS 110k 5×3 stayed light as my hip flexors and legs are a mess from yesterday’s wod. Superset with 10 ring dips.
    WOD 9:36 RX except used rig for assisted pistols. 125k deadlift. Nice seeing the larger 5 am crew.
    Post WOD 50 ttb done.

  • BS 5×3 @ 50K form was a little shaky on a couple. Super set with Tricep dips and hollow holds.

    WOD: 7:56 silver w/ DL @ 45k. Burpees were pretty taxing on me tonight.

    Post WOD: 4 mile run with negative times. Miles at 11:26, 11:20, 10:48, 10:06. Can you tell when my Gu kicked in?

  • BS: 5×3 @ 160k superset with 10 ring dips

    WOD: 14:40 Rx. Wow, wasn’t sure I wanted to finish that one! Great job to everyone today.

    PostWOD: done

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