August 8


Bring a Friend Day Saturday 8am and 0915 can’t wait to see everyone for a great Saturday WOD. We really do love seeing all the new faces 

Bike shirts are in, you may pick them up in the morning. Pretty great design, have reflective ink on both the front and back so they can be worn out running and biking. Start time is 1030 after the gym, all are welcome. 

RX: 20min To Find Max Overhead Press and Front Squat. Then. row 50 calories, 30 thrusters(30/40), and 10 Ring Muscle ups. 

Gold : 20min To Find 3 Rep Max Overhead Press and Front Squat. Then. row 50 calories, 30 thrusters(30/40), and 10 CTB.

Silver : 5×5 Overhead Press and Front Squat. Then. row 50 calories, 30 thrusters(Bar), and 10 Pull ups.

3 X 50 Banded RDL


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36 Responses to August 8

  1. Brad says:

    OHP 90k tied PR from 3 or 4 weeks ago but easier this time.
    Front Squat 155k PR Failed at 160k.
    WOD 7:18 RX
    Post Wod 3×50 Elbow Stretches:) AKA banded RDL’s
    Handstand Walk attempts.

  2. Shawn Stimmel says:

    OHP – 80k
    Front Squats – 120k, missed at 130

    WOD – 5:52 RX
    Post WOD – Banded RDL’s

  3. andrea says:

    ohp: 33k
    fs: 65k 3rm (pr)- previous 1rm was 65k
    wod: 7.50 – 30k thrusters and pu’s with a few ctb
    post-wod: 50 banded rdl / 50 russian twists-10k / 50 hollow rocks

  4. Jaye says:

    OHP 3RM 55k
    FS 3RM 85
    WOD: 6:41 Gold (CTB were weak)

  5. Alicia Unkrich says:

    OHP: 37 (3rm)
    Front squat: 85k (1rm) really want 91(200#) but failed that
    WOD: 8:00 gold..all singles on c2b,need to work on these

  6. Symon says:

    Trainer said I had great spinal alignment. Thanks Nick & Josh for making me look good :)

    1 mile run
    Partner Work
    7min AMRAP
    30 Med Ball Chest Throws 20/14 – 12ft (15 reps each)
    8 Alternating Pistols each

    2min REST

    7min AMRAP
    30 Med Ball Chest Throws 20/14 – 12ft
    8 Alternating Pistols each

    Partner Work
    14min AMRAP
    P1 – 200m Row
    P2 – AMRAP Thrusters 95/65
    Score = Thruster Reps

    1 mile run

  7. Tommy says:

    OHP: 5×5 70K
    FS: 3RM 120 <– Technique Day!

    WOD: 6:30ish (MUs)

  8. Janine says:

    It was a good day for PRs

    Lift: OHP 3RM @30K (5kPR) tried 33 but failed so I came back and tried 33 for a 1RM and did it.

    FS 3RM @55K (10K PR)

    WOD: 8:11. Thrusters @20K which was a first. Pull-ups with large green band. I think I need to drop down to a lighter band to keep pushing myself.

    Post WOD: 1 mile run with Dawn.

  9. Brandon DeWitt says:

    ohp 50k
    fs 66k
    wod 9:30 did ctb do thrusters ever get easy
    post wod done

  10. Dana says:

    OHP: 42K
    FS: 85k, 90k-with a spot from Nick

    WOD: 9:48 gold

  11. Eric says:

    OHP: 70
    FS: 110

    WOD: 7:23 Rx. rowing just wrecks me…

  12. Erin K says:

    OHP: 45K
    20 min to max out DL: 125K, 15K PR
    WOD: 10:41 RX. Got my shit pushed in.
    Post WOD: HSW work (prewod) and 3×25 banded RDL

  13. Gary Moore says:

    OHP: 50k 3rm
    FS: 80k – 3rm
    WOD: 7:25

  14. Aimee jones says:

    OHP-40k (stayed off my toes, finally)
    FS -85k

    Wod -8:31. 30k and CTB.

    Post wod -50 rdls and hs walk stuff.

  15. Aimee jones says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on all the PRs everyone!!

  16. Kara says:

    OHP 45k FS 65k failed at 70
    WOD 9:25 25k My rowing needs work and pull-ups are sad. Lifts weren’t too bad considering I haven’t been back at it much yet so I know those have a lot of room for improvement. Thanks Chris for helping with my row technique! Hopefully now that the baby is getting a bit more of a structured schedule I can get to more classes.

  17. Craig G says:

    OHP: 64k
    FS: 120k – 10k PR

    Oly program week 2
    30 clean movement complex (hip + above knee + below knee + above knee + hip)
    10 3 position clean pull complex (floor + below knee + above knee)
    30 clean rack delivery drill
    10 muscle clean complex (hip + above knee + below knee)

  18. Jeff says:

    3rm- OHP 45k FS 85k

    WOD- 8:19 35k and regular pullups

  19. Chris says:

    No OHP today
    FS: 170k

    WOD: 4:27 gold – no mu due to shoulder

    Nice work on all the PR’s today guys!!!

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