February 27

Opens are just right around the corner, stay healthy in your training and your diet. Keep on the mobility and recovery. If you havent singed up and are interested in doing so, let me know and I will help you.

If anyone knows a place for us to swim on Saturday please let me know, we lost our spot to swim, so im looking for a new place.

RX:  3×1 Power Snatch @ 95%. 3×1@ 95%, 2×2 @ 90%, 1×1 @ 95% Snatch. As Many Rounds As Possible 15min. 20 cal Row, 15 Handstand Push Up, and 10 Muscle ups.

Gold:  3×3 Power Snatch. 6×3 Snatch. As Many Rounds As Possible 15min. 20 cal Row, 15 Handstand Push Up, and 10 Chest To Bar Pull Ups.

Silver:  3×5 Snatch DeadLift. 6×10 Overhead Squats. As Many Rounds As Possible 15min. 20 Cal Row, 15 Push ups, and 10 Strict Pull Ups.

Endurance:  5x15sec Russian Box Jumps, 5x25yd Sprints, 3×5 Max Height Box Jump.

Competitor:  RX, Endurance, 20min Skill work.


  • Pwr Snatch: 52(3)
    Snatch: 3×1: 52 (current max), 55 (new PR), 57 (newer PR); 2×2 52(2); 1×1: 60 (newest PR!!)
    WoD: 2 rounds + 18 cal row (started games standard HSPU, switched to 1 abmat up; worked on hip to ring pullup.)
    Thanks for the TTPs Tom, Chad and Ro! I know I’ll get that 1st MU real soon.

  • Power snatch-62-65-67
    Snatch- 3×1 67-67-70(f)/ 2×2-65(fx1)-65/ 1×1 70

    wod- not sure you can call what I accomplished a wod but I was there. 1 round plus some mu attempts/successes. Big fat mess of successful mu and attempts. rx hspu

    Sorry for the shitty attitude 5am. Thanks for cleaning up my shit.

  • Squat Negative: 1×150

    PS: 3×1 @ 50
    Snatch: 3×1@50, 2×2@45, 1×1@50
    (Went a little light on these today due to shoulder issues)

    Gold WOD: 3rds + 20cal Row, 15 HSPU and 8 CTB

  • Pre-Class Work
    Pull-ups: 11/8/7/6/6 (Singles in between 100/100/50/50/50)
    DU: 4×35 (only 1 set not consecutive)
    Power Snatch: 3×3 50
    Power Cleans: 3×8 50
    Snatch: 3×1 55, 2×2 50, 1×1 55 (felt best I ever have on form) weight felt light with proper transition from hips to Over head position
    WOD: Gold 3 Rds + 31 (CTB last 2 Rds with Red Band)

  • snatch stuff: too much to remember, a mix between 60, 65, 70, 75. had a 80K fail. i’ve never hit 80 and it’s always been a mental thing, but i finally feel i’m getting really close.

    WOD: 3 rounds Rx. round 3 of MU took me forever..

  • Snatch stuff-25k. First time w weight in a long time.

    WOD- gold. 2 rounds + row and 10 HSPU. Struggled today bad.

    Thanks for the encouragement Nick and Tom (and the hug).

  • PS 5×1 @ 70k
    Snatch 3×1 @ 70k
    2×2 @ 70k
    1×1 @ 80k and Tom said it was the best looking snatch he had ever seen.
    WOD- snowblow driveway 20min PR’d that bitch.
    Hopefully can make it in this afternoon to do the WOD

    • If you were a real man, you would’ve shoveled your driveway. Just sayin’……and you don’t have to lie Chad, you can’t go a day w/o WOD’ing with me. I know. I’ll see you at 5:30 cupcake. :-)

    • Did WOD with noon class
      1 rd + row + 15 HSPU + 7 MU’s
      Sorry Erin u don’t get to see me @ the 5:30 class I know u will be greatly disappointed.

  • PS:50(3) was swinging pretty bad so I just stuck there
    Snatch:52,55, failed at 57 pretty close though I’ll get it next time :)
    WOD: goldish hspu with one mat did chest to bars (actual chest to bars! First for that)
    2rounds+6 hspu

  • PS: 3×5@29.6
    FS: 6×3@25
    WOD: 4 rounds + 6 assisted CTB
    10 assisted CTB (blue band)
    15: Inverted Box Push-Ups
    20 calorie row

  • Power Snatch 3×1 = 42, 45, 47(PR)
    Snatch 3×1: 47(F), 47, 50 (F)
    Snatch 2×2 = 45K
    Snatch 1×1 = 50K

    Really starting to clean my snatch up. Feeling much better…..that last 50K I hit was easy and I really wanted to keep lifting after that….gonna get that PR soon! Thanks for all the help Nick and Tom.

    WOD: My shoulders are still shredded from this weekend. I had nothing. (starting with hspu) 2rds + 9 hspu (hips to rings and 5 standard hspu, rest with extra mat)

  • Power Snatch 3×1: 35K
    Snatch 3×1: 40K
    Snatch 2×2: 35K
    Snatch 1×1: 40K
    Not feeling it today – dissapointing since I felt so good with these last week

    WOD: almost 3 full rounds (finishing 5 HSPU after time to complete 3rd) Gold
    Post WOD: a few bar muscle ups + 50 dips w/red band on GHD

  • PS 37, 40, 40
    Full 35, 37
    40….fell down. boom.

    WOD 2 rounds plus 15
    rings to hips for MU
    HSPU with one mat for 10, then mat + plate

  • PS: 3×1@40
    FS: 3×1@40(1) 42(2), 2×2@ 40(f) 40, 1×1@42

    WOD: 2rds + 20 cal row Gold. 10 HSPU w/one ab mat, then 5k plate, then another ab mat. CTB pull ups a few were probably a little short

  • PS 25,30
    S 25,27
    Straight struggles with this lift lately. Going down in weight to focus on form and still struggling. Sooooonnn I will get this… :)

    WOD: 3 rounds. HSPU felt great, but pull ups are still the death of me. Soooonnnn on those as well. I hope :)

  • Silver
    Snatch DL 3×5 40,42,45
    OHS 6×6 10, 12, 15, 17, 17, 17
    WOD: 3 + 20 Cal Row 15 Push Ups
    Still doing all push ups on knees.

  • PullUp Recon Week 5: 9,7,6,5,5. Did 10 hollow rocks between sets
    Squat Negative x 1: 95K. Declined for 6 seconds before bailing
    Power Snatch 3 x 1: 45 (f x 2), 45,, 47
    Snatch 3 x 1: 45 (F x 2), 42, 42
    snatch 2 x 2: 40, 42
    Snatch 1×1: 47. Not a solid day on snatch, but sat in the bottom position well at least.
    WOD: 1 full round + HSPU + MU + 12 cal row. First 6 HSPU standard, the rest w/ an extra mat, 1st round MU hips to rings PU, second round assisted MU’s by Nick. Got 8 out of 10. Rows felt way better.
    After the WOD I just kept saying I want a Muscle Up, I want a muscle up, so went to the rings and GOT MY FIRST MUSCLE UP ALL BY MYSELF. THEN CRIED LIKE A BABY. Thanks to Nick for all the tips and spots. HAPPIEST DAY EVER!

  • Power snatch: 3×1 70,70,80 I think
    Snatch: 6×3 50 (wasn’t comfortable at all with form today)

    WOD: 2 rounds plus row and 15 hspu with mat and 15k plate

    Muscle ups were mostly attempts completed with dips or hips to rings mixed in with actual muscle ups. Kinda all over the place today. Good to get back to the gym this week though

  • Snatch stuff: started at 80 and failed at 90 on multiple levels.

    WOD: 2 rounds plus 15 HSPU Rx. Started at HSPU. I felt like my mu got better as I went. Definitely still felt weak from this weekend though!

  • PS: 22k Snatch:20k gold
    3rds + HSPU + hips to ring pull ups, one mat for HSPU.

  • All snatch 40k for Gold reps.

    WOD: 3 rounds + 14 cal Gold.

  • Did this WOD today at open gym….6×10 OHS (8 w/ weighted PVC, 2 with 10K)
    3 rounds plus 3 calories, doing inverted push ups and using 2 bands for pull ups.

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