February 28

Yoga, Rest, Mobilize.

Open gym 4-6pm

RX,GOLD,SILVER: 3 rounds of 25 walking lunges and 25 Push ups, 800M Run

Comp: Stretch, mobilize, spend a good 30-45 mins working on what is bugging you or is sore, active recovery and some light skill work.

10 thoughts on “February 28

  1. Only one person at yoga today…lets go people!!! Make sure to get your mobility in for the day! As well as sign up for yoga class so I know how many people are going to be there…if there is only 1 person it isnt worth being open for it. Although I do love the one on one yoga sessions :) Just need more people in here! Get your mobility on! :)

  2. Did about 20 min of stretching and double under work. I guess I prob need to work on this more than once a week to get these down.

    WOD: 16:51
    3 rounds of
    25 walking lunges
    25 push-ups
    800 m run

    45 min swim

  3. PullUP Recon Week 5: 9,7,6,5,5 w/ 25 DU between each set.
    HSPU Recon Week 1: 5,4,4,3,2
    Power Cleans for Squat Recon: 8 x 3 @ 37K
    MU Attempts….3 successful ones.
    HS walk work.

  4. WOD- 50 Double Under buy in
    3 rounds of:
    800 Meter Run
    25 Walking Lunges
    25 Hollow Rocks (Round 1), 25 Butterfly Sit-Ups (Round 2), 25 GHDs (Round 3)
    Post WOD-
    3×20 Russian Twists

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