January 10

Bring a Friend Day: Classes will be from 6-7am, 430, and 530pm

There will be no open gym, and there will be no Yoga in the morning

Rx, Gold, Silver: 6 rounds: Alternating between partners 30 sec. at each station per partner (Each Partner will do each round at each station.)

Stations are Push Press (bar)

Deadlift 55/70#KB

Push Ups


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15 Responses to January 10

  1. Rachel says:

    Team Hauck: 755 reps total
    Post Wod: Done – 50 butterfly situps & 50 hollow rocks

  2. Aimee says:

    Partner WOD w Katy. 6001 reps.
    Post WOD done
    Squats done.

  3. Jamie says:

    With jackson 694…..great job chris for your second workout

  4. Erin K says:

    3 X 8 Lunges done
    WOD: 697 reps w/ Bonnie. Dropped to my knees after 1.5 rounds for pushups.
    50 BF situps and 50 hollow rocks done.
    This WOD was wayyy worse to do than it looked on paper. Well done programming, well done.

  5. Jaye says:

    50 min run
    BWC: 32 HRP
    BF sit-ups 1×30
    Russian twist: 1×40

    WOD: 624 with Jeff (push-ups killed us) drenched
    Post-WOD: 50 BF sit-ups, 50 Hollow Rocks
    3×8 lunges

  6. Ben D says:

    BWC challenge done.

    Still at work…Ate like shit…tomorrow’s a new day!

  7. Chad Breidinger says:

    WOD total 872
    Post WOD Complete

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