January 14


RX:  6×6 @ 80-85% Back Squats. 5min As Many Rounds As Possible of 10 Ball Slams 14/20, 10 Hang Power Cleans (55/85).

Gold:  6×6 Back Squats. 5min As Many Rounds As Possible of 10 Hammer Hits (tire), 10 Hang Power Cleans (55/85).

Silver:  6×10 Back Squats. 5min As Many Rounds As Possible of 10 Hammer hits (tire), 10 Medi Ball Cleans.

Endurance:  3 rounds for time of 50 Air Squats and 50 Double Unders.

Competitor:  RX + 50yd Handstand Walk and 2 rounds max Bar Muscle Ups.

BWC: -8 REPS Burpees

31 thoughts on “January 14

    • Well you may not be able to OHS me, but this proves you could at least BS me. Maybe by the 2 year anniversary you can OHS me!

  1. Back Squats 2×2 85
    Endurance: 9:04 (have to keep working at DU no more than 17 strung together)
    Pull-ups: 7/6/5/5/4
    GHD: 3×10
    WOD: 2 Rd plus 5 Med ball slams. 70K (to heavy for hang clean) struggled and had 3 or 4 misses
    Post WOD: 3×10 Good Mornings (bar only limited flexibility)
    3×8 KTE (trying to work on should pull)

  2. BS 2 x 2 60K
    50 yd handstand walks done (we’ll call these 50 yds of attempts)
    Endurance 3 rds of 50 du and 50 air squats done. So close to stringing all 50 together..got to 41 then my shoe came untied!
    2 rds max bar MU w/ tiny red band. 1st round 5, 2nd 3…could’ve gotten more..needed chalk mid mu.
    3 x 8 reverse hypers done
    WOD: 1 full round + slams + 5 HPC 55k RX (had 4 failed attempts while doing the first round, and 2 failed during the 5 sooooo had some making up to do. )
    3 x 10 Goodmornings @30K done.

  3. Back Squats 2 x 2 @ 85K
    WOD: 3 full rounds w/9# med ball & 35K HC

    Post Wod: Good mornings at 35K then ICE ICE ICE. Hoping Hannah can help my shoudler tonight as I sit here with it throbbing typing this. My attitude was absolute shit this morning.

    Goal for the rest of January….get healthy and stay healthy!

  4. Back Squats- 110, 120, 130 (3), 132

    WOD- 2 Rounds+10 ball slams and 5 HPC. HPC @ 60k stayed light hoping it wouldn’t hurt my shoulder, didn’t work that well
    Post WOD- 3×10 Good Mornings @ 40k
    Endurance done-double unders were not fun after all those squats

    Jamie I have the same goal as you get healthy in January and try and stay healthy for all of 2013

  5. Squats: 55K(2), 57K(2), 60K, 62K
    WOD: 3 rounds + 1 Med Ball (Hang Cleans at 40K)
    Post-WOD: 3×10 good mornings at 30K
    Endurance: 11:19 (first and third round of DUs were terrible, 2nd round got 46 unbroken…gotta love it)

  6. BS: 3×8 (87), 5×1(95), 2×2(102), 1×1(107)

    Endurance: 9:14 ( need to impove on DU’s… only getting a few at a time, max 10 strung together)

    WOD: 3 rounds @ 20#/65k

    Post WOD: 3×10 Good mornings (30k)

    BWC: 28 Burpees

  7. Squat: 70, 80(2), 85, 90, 100 (Thanks Erin for the push to 100)

    WoD: 3 rds + 8 ball slams (hang cleans @70k)

    Post WoD: good mornings (30k); BWC burpees; 3×15 false grip holds on rings

  8. WOD: 2rds+15 Rx
    Started the pull-up program need to get at that definitely my weakness
    I did box squats with the 15k bar (knee sucks really bad still)

  9. Back Squats: not quite at 30, will do it next time though.

    3 reps shy of 3 rounds, 20K for the weight.

    Good mornings 3×10 with 20k.

    Strict pull ups 6-5-5-4-3 with green/purple. I don’t want to get too cocky but they felt easier than last week

  10. BS 6×6 50×2, 60×2, 70×2
    WOD: 2 full rds at 50K HC & 20K ball + 7 HC

    Realized I could have done closer to 3 rds of the lift at 60K and 3 at 70K…next time

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