January 15

RX:  Overhead Press and Close Grip Bench Press 4×6 @75%. For time complete in order 50 Pull ups, 100 YardsBear Crawl, 50 Handstand Push Ups, 100 Double Unders, 50 Weighted (10) Anchored Situps, 100 Box Jumps, 50Overhead Squats (30/40), 100 Lunges, 50 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (30/40), 100 Burpees. Time cap 40 min.

Gold:  Overhead Press and Close Grip Bench Press 4×6. For time complete in order 40 Pull ups, 100 Yards Bear Crawl, 40 Handstand Push Ups, 100 Double Unders, 40 Weighted (10) Anchored Situps, 100 Box Jumps, 40 Overhead Squats (30/40), 100 Lunges, 40 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (30/40), 100 Burpees. Time cap 40 min.

Silver:  Overhead Press and Close Grip Bench Press 4×10. For time complete in order 20 Pull ups, 100 Yards Bear Crawl, 20 Inverted Pushups, 100 Single Unders, 20 Weighted (5) Anchored Situps, 100 Step Ups, 20 Overhead Squats (10), 100 Lunges, 20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (10), 100 Burpees. Time cap 40 min.

Endurance:  2 mile run.

Competitor:  RX, 1/2 endurance, and 2 rounds of 15 muscle ups and 15 Overhead Squats Body Weight.

BWC: – 8 REPS BF Situps

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34 Responses to January 15

  1. Ben D says:

    Dear Chipper,
    You suck.
    With love,

    • Ben D says:

      OHP: 40(3) 45(1)
      CGBP: 50(2)/55(2)

      WoD: Gold, DNF -45 burpees
      Walked through mobility with Chels

      I love clippers. I really do. I haven’t ever been so close to seeing pukie as today though. DRINK WATER!

  2. Bonnie Palomo says:

    BWHAAA too freaking funny!

  3. Katy says:

    OHP- 32-35(3)
    CGBP- 45-47-47-50

    WOD- Got through 26 burpees RX

  4. Eric says:

    OHP 50
    CGBP: 70, 80

    WOD: everything minus 60 burpees RX

  5. Jaye says:

    OHP: 40/ 45 (3)
    CGBP: 50 (20)/55 (2)
    WOD: Gold Minus 60 Burpees. Used 1 mat for first set of 10 HSPU, other 30 2 ab mats. Need to work on the explosiveness in the kip

    Great work 5 AM

  6. Aimee says:

    OHP- 25. These hurt my shoulder :(
    Cgbp- 30,32

    WOD. I did a little bit of everything.
    Gold- HSPU , one leg single under, behind head sit-up- 5k plate. Rx the other stuff. Got to 30 burpees.


  7. Erin K says:

    OHP: 27 x 2, 30 x 2
    CGBP: 35, 40, 35, 37. Thanks for the spots Katy
    3 x 8 reverse hypers @ 20K
    WOD: DNECCTF (That =’s did not even come close to finishing). Got through SDLHP. (HSPU had a few at standard, then went to 1 mat, then went to 2 mats….only did 40. OHS at 25K, weighted situps the plate was over my head for most of them, not directly behind.) Got my shit pushed in.

  8. Jeff says:

    OHP- 37k x 1, 35k x 3
    CGBP- 45k x 4

    WOD- DNF, got through 27 SDHP. Some HSPU, some from the box; 20 OHS @ 30k, 20 @ 20k. Personal bests for consecutive DU, 21 and 23. I was pumped about that.

  9. Rob says:

    BS: 3×8 (87), 5×1(95), 2×2(102), 1×1(107)
    OHP: 4×6 @ 50
    CGBP: 4×6 @ 60(2), 70(2)

    Gold WOD: DNF, – 78 Burpees (40k OHS wasnt happening so grabbed an open bar, I think it was 10k bar. Lots of progress on Pull ups. Starting to see improvement on DU’s… 10-20 strung together)

    BWC: 28 BFSU

  10. Kaitlin says:

    OHP: 35(2) 40(2)
    CGBP: 45, 47(2), 50
    Modified the shit out of this WOD 50 pull-ups 50 hspu 100 one leg single unders (feel your pain Aimee) 50 weighted anchored sit-ups 50 OHS onto a box then with the rest of the time I did 5 dips and 50 one leg single unders had to do at least 5 sets of that

  11. Andrea says:

    OHP @ 25 4×6
    CGBP @ 32 4×6

    WOD- Only got to probably 50 lunges. Probably didn’t complete all HSPU’s with 3 mats but got the rest up to the lunges.

  12. Mac says:

    70k OHP
    100K CGB

  13. Holly says:

    OHP 25,27, 30
    CGBP 35, 37, 40

    WOD. I did a little bit of everything. I’ll call it the buffet style :)
    50 pull ups, 30 HSPU, 100 single/double unders, sit-ups 5k plate, 100 box jumps, 40 OHS 25k, 100 lunges, 40 SDLHP 25k, 5 burpees! I think that everything!
    Really enjoyed this workout! Felt improvements in many areas!

  14. Rubi says:

    OHP 4×6 @20k
    CGBP: 22 (2) 25 (2)

    Fun! Gold DNF minus 51 burpees with modifications…
    pullups feel better and could do sets of 10, tried HSPU with one mat and didn’t happened so I added a 10k plate, after 30 I got the hang of the kipping and finished them up with the mat only, working on DU is paying off but the last few took forever, started sit ups with 10k plate over head until Nick said it was behind your neck so switched to 5k plate, OHS 15k bar and did 50 because I suck at them, SDLHP with 20k. I think my arms are going to fall off.

  15. Erin Tapken says:

    Lifts at 20k.

    WOD: Silver…but did not finish, only got 40 burpees.
    Alternated step ups with some box jumps, because I knew I could do some, just not all 100.

    4:30 class was very crowded but even so, I felt like Nick was still there to coach and correct, which was very appreciated.

    It was a little crazy, looking around at everyone, it was like an orgy of fitness. So much focus and lots of inspiration.

  16. Dana says:

    OHP 4×6@ 27(2) 30(2)
    CGBP 4×6@ 30(2) 32(2)

    WOD: DNF made it through 40 lunges. Started HSPU on box due to space then w/ one ab mat then ab mat and 15k plate and for the last few added a 10k plate everything else Rx

  17. Chris says:

    OHP: 50
    CGBP: 70(2), 80(2)

    WOD: Got thru 12 burpees Rx. That was fun but not quite enough fun to say that I ever want to try it again! Much better on my hspu but the fricking double unders slow me down!

  18. Chad Breidinger says:

    OHP: 50/55/57/60
    CGBP: 90k

    WOD: GOT RAPED got thru 25 SDLHPs RX Weight but did 200 singles and HSPU started Game standard finished with plate and mat DNF

  19. Jamie says:

    Ohp 32@2, 30@2
    Cgbp 30@1, 34@3

    Wod: rx except 25k with ohs and sdlhp. 25 hspu standard, 25 with extra mat. Got through 6 burpees.

    Shoulder felt pretty good for the most part just went a little lighter so protect

  20. Sarah W. says:

    OHP: 3×6 @25K, 1×6 @22K
    Bench: 4×6 @25K

    WOD: Gold. Got to 18 Burpees. Only 15K for OHS & SDLHP. 5K plate sit ups.

  21. Rachel says:

    OHP: 25K, 30K(3)
    Bench: 35K, 40K(3)
    WOD: got thru 5 burpees RX (expect for HSPU not to standard)

  22. Jackson, Chris says:

    Did a combination of Gold and Silver cuz there were some tasks that I could not do 40 of…
    OHP: 30K
    BP: 50K…muscle failure starting at 4th or 5th rp on last 2 sets
    WOD: DNF; 19 SDLHP @ 20K left + 100 Burpees…Silver for KPU’s, Inverted Push ups, 30 OH Squats (5 @ 30K, 15 @ 20K, 10 @15K), 40 ASU @ 5K, 50 DU’s + 50 SU’s…F!

  23. Katie says:

    OHP: 25
    CGBP: 25(1),29.6(1),31.8(1), 34(1)
    DNF: -70 burpees
    Did my own little combo. Hard workout, but felt amazing after it was done. :)

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