January 16

RX:  Power Clean + Hang Clean and Jerk 5×2 @ 90%. Then, 7 rounds for time of 20yd Sprint, 10 (5 each side)Barbell Bulgarian Squats (30/40). Take 30sec. rest between rounds.

Gold:  Power Clean + Hang Clean and Jerk 5×2. Then, 7 rounds for time of 20yd Sprint, 10 (5 each side) Barbell Bulgarian Squats (20/30). Take 30sec. rest between rounds.

Silver:  5×5 Med Ball Clean + Vertical Toss. Then, 5 rounds for time of 20yd Sprint, 10 (5 each side) Bulgarian Squats. Take 30sec. rest between rounds.

Endurance:  3×5 Depth Jumps to 2nd box (max height), Short Shuttle x5.

Competitor:  RX, Endurance, Strict Pullups 3×8 Max Weight, and 3×10 Barbell Curls


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20 Responses to January 16

  1. Katy says:

    Clean and jerk complex- 60-62-62-65-65 Kept it to 80% since we are competing saturday

    WOD- 7:58 rx

    Tuck plank holds done- really getting the hang of these

  2. Jaye says:

    Squats: 2×3 85 Was supposed to be 1×3 Jamie called me out on this
    PC + HC & Jerk: 50 (1)/60 (4) Kept at 80% based on competition Saturday and trying to focus on form
    WOD: Gold 7:45
    Pull-Ups: 7/6/5/4/4
    Ring L-Sits: 3×10 seconds
    GHD: 2 x 10

    • Jamie says:

      Damn Right…..programming is there for a reason….or the fact that you were making me feel bad for only doing three of them! LOL :) Overachiever…..I bet you went for a marathon run after Clydesdale.

  3. Holly says:

    PC+HC+JERK 35(3) 37(2)

  4. Jamie says:

    Let me just say, shoulder is feeling sooo much better but not perfect so I am telling myself to take it easy for a while yet….yes, I said that! :) Who am I? It is hard, but I am listening to my body.

    Back Squat Program: 3 reps @ 85K
    Clean & Hang Clean (no jerk): 45K (70% of max)
    WOD: RX 8:12
    No post wod becuase of shoulder
    3×8 strict pull ups (used red band for two sets)
    3×10 curls @ 20K
    3×5 Bounding box jumps done

  5. Nicki says:

    35, 40…..Trying to get the technique even with lighter weight….my cleans still suck.

    Wod 8:41rx

    Post Wod-I’m not sure you can call it complete, but I tried.

  6. Melissa says:

    PC+HC+JERK 30(3) 35(2)
    Wod- Gold 8:42

  7. Tom says:

    3×8 strict pullups with 15k plate
    3×8 barbell curls @ 40k

    WOD- 7:49 Rx

  8. Katie says:

    PC+HC+Jerk: 24.6(2), 30(30)
    WOD: 9:11 (20)

  9. Rob says:

    BS: 4×5 @ 95, 3×1 @ 102, 2×2 @ 107, 1×1 @ 122

    PC+Hang Clean + Jerk: 5×2 @ 65(2), 70 (2), 72

    Gold WOD: 7:37 (30k was too light… should have done Rx. Was expecting these to be tougher than they were)

    Post WOD: 3×10 Sec Tuck Plank holds

  10. Ben D says:

    PC+Hang Clean+Jerk: 70(3), 75, 80(failed on 2nd rep)
    80kg is PR for all three components of this movement for me. 90% felt very good so I went ahead and went for it since I am not competing this weekend. BOOM

    WoD: RX’d 8:13

    Post WoD: Mobility done. 3×10 ring tuck planks attempted/done. 3x15s false grip ring holds done. 5 false grip ring pullups done. BWC from Tuesday done.

  11. Aimee says:

    Pc HC and jerk- 37k. Thx for the help w this today Nick. Had a mini breakthrough.

    WOD- bear crawls instead of running. Rx weight. 11.23. – whomever said this WOD was easy (Melissa) was lying.

  12. Erin K says:

    1 x 3 squat @60k
    3 x 10 barbell curls 22K
    4 x 12 Reverse Hypers 20k(1) 30k(2) 35k(1)
    5 X 2 clean complex at 35K (should be at 55K….)
    WOD: 9:48 rx w/ little bit longer rests than 30 sec.
    3 x 8 strict pullups. 1 rd unassisted, 2 w/ red band. (too many breaks unassisted)
    Lots of mobility.

  13. Dana says:

    PC+HC&J 5×2@40k should have been 45k but that wasn’t happening today

    WOD: 12:16 RX with longer than 30sec breaks

    Post WOD done modified on a box

  14. Chris says:

    PC & HC & J: 100(2),105(3) – failed second jerk on last 3 attempts

    WOD: 5:48Rx

    Pull-ups: 10/7/6/6/5

  15. nickrossin says:

    Lifts ened at 105k
    wod done rx dont remember time
    recon pullups done
    comp lifts done

  16. Tim Barcz says:

    PC & HC & J: 70, 70, 75, 80, 82

    WOD: Rx 8:25

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