January 17

ALL MEMBERS, I would like to have a gym wide meeting with everyone that can make it during open gym at 4pm, please if you can make it be there.

Also Congratulations to Matt Steege who had his 2nd child tonight, another girl. 

Yoga in the morning, open gym from 4-6pm, silver class 6-645pm

RX:  Rest/Open Gym

Gold:  Rest/Open Gym

Silver:  Beginners Class:  Pull Ups, GHD’s, Rowing.

Endurance:  Rest/Open Gym

Competitor:  Work Muscle ups (ring and bar). Snatch Face Off. As Many Rounds As Possible 2min Snatch @ 85%. Teams of 2 100 Pull Ups, 50 Overhead Squats (30/40), 100 Kettlebell Swings (35/55).



  • Squat Program: 3×8 Lunges
    BWC: 28 HRPU

  • I’d like to say congratulations to Matt Steege and his wife for the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Brooklyn. Also, good luck to the other Matt who is rumored to be having his first baby today!

    My deepest sympathy goes out to Nicki,who lost her grandmother last night. Thoughts and prayers going out to her and her family.

    And finally, continued thoughts and prayers go out to the Mowhinkle’s.

    So thankful for our 2.2 family, who’d be more than happy to lend a hand to any of you guys for whatever reason. Love you all.

  • Won’t be able to make the meeting. I’m leading PRT at the armory today for the office then headed home for a long weekend of hunting. Shoot me a message on FB with any info I need to know or how I can help out with whatever’s needed.

    • We did for time:
      50 med ball slams
      40 push-ups
      30 dips off boxes
      20 burpees
      10 wall walks
      20 goblet squats w/kb (40 is the heaviest the army has provided)
      30 kb swings (40#)
      40 box jumps (24)
      50 double unders

      I did it in 1018. Everyone on the team did it under 15. I was pretty proud of their effort!

  • Could not make the meeting. Please let me know if you need something.

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