January 9

Bring a friend class times for Thursday are 6am 430, and 530pm

RX:  Overhead Press and Deadlift 5×8 @ 70%. Then, 15min As Many Rounds As Possible of 200M Row, 5Turkish Get Ups (55/70), 10 GHD Situps.

Gold:  Overhead Press and Deadlift 5×8. Then, 15min As Many Rounds As Possible of 200M row, 5 Turkish Get Ups (35/55), 10 GHD Situps.

Silver:  Overhead Press and Deadlift 5×8. Then, 15min As Many Rounds As Possible of 200M row, 5 Turkish Get Ups (15), 10 AbMat Situps.

Endurance:  3 rounds for time of 50 Double Unders, and 25 Back Ext(10)

Competitor:  RX, Endurance, 3×8 Bent Over Rows and Straight Bar Curls.

35 thoughts on “January 9

  1. OHP: 50kg
    DL: 90 sets 1-3. 100 last 2 sets
    WOD: Gold- couldn’t hold the 70 locked out. 3 rounds plus row & 1 TGU

    You guys were great last cpl days!! Thanks for having me, felt right at home

  2. OHP- 32×5
    DL-75×1 85×4

    WOD- 3 rounds plus 2 TGU RX
    Last couple 55# TGU got dicey. And YES Nick, you were right, it was better when I looked at the kb. Relish these words, they won’t be said very often. ;)

    Post wod done ish with giving Nicki a heart attack when I kinda got the hang of them.

    Endurance done.

    It was awesome seeing so many people working so hard this am. New faces and visitors. Love seeing the community growing.

  3. Squats: 4×5 70/ 1×3 75/ 2×2 80/ 1×1 90 (felt good on these today)
    Some DU work prior to class
    Some Kicking PU work (focusing on keeping feet together and pushing back from the bar to activate the shoulders)
    OHP: 5×8 40 (1)/ 42 (5)
    Deadlift: 5×8 100 (felt good form did not feel it was sacrificed)
    WOD: Gold 4 Rds plus 1 rd of Weighted Abs. (GHD for first 4 sets)
    minus 35KB for TGU

    Man ton of people this AM and 6 AM looked full as well

  4. BS Prog. Done
    3 x 8 bentover rows @ 35K
    3 x 8 straight bar curls @20K
    OHP 3 x 8@ 25, 27, 25 x 3 These felt weak this a.m.
    DL 3 x 8 @ 60K. Should’ve gone a bit heavier
    WOD: 3 rounds + row + GHD + 3 TGU. (First 3 TGU were at 35, the rest were 25) Need to work on TGU form so badly. New goal.
    End: 3 rounds of 50 DU and 25 Back Ext. Done.

  5. OHP: 5×8 @ 40, 42(2), 45(2)
    DL: 5×8@ 100

    Gold WOD: 4 Rounds + 5 TGU ( got 3 TGUs at 55 before having to drop to 35. Could barely get off the floor with 55 much less lock it out. 35 was good)

    Post WOD – Done

  6. Back Squat Work: 4×5 @ 70, 5 @ 75, 2×2 @ 80, 1 @ 90 (felt strong this morning)
    3×8 Bent Over Rows w/35
    3×8 curls w/20
    No overhead press….dealing with some major shoulder issues.
    Deadlift: 95(2), 85(3)
    WOD: 4rds + GHD’s. 1 rd w/35kb, 3 rds w/25kb….again, shoulder issues. Did weighted sit ups for all but the last round when I was able to jump on the ghd finally.
    2 rds of 50 DU and 25 Back Extensions

    Great job everyone this morning. 14 people! Alica, it was fun deadlifting with you! And DJ HEATER in the HOUSE…loved it! I vote you as DJ on Saturday.

  7. OHP- 40, 50, 30 (3) my shoulder didn’t enjoy these very much
    Deadlift- 100, 130 (4) (these plates don’t bounce so I was unable to work on my bouncing deadlift form today haha)

    WOD: 3 rounds + Row and 4 TGUs (25 lb dumbbell used for turkish get-up, these are really difficult for me for some reason)

    Post WOD: Ring tuck things done
    Endurance done, but didn’t have time to get the competitor glamour lift in and that was what I was looking forward to the most :)

  8. OHP: 50
    DL: 120,130,130,135,135

    WOD: 3 Rds plus row and 3 TGU Rx. Just glad I didn’t crush my balls! Almost happened!!

    PostWOD: some version of them completed.

  9. In Ankeny today.
    Strength: 3 part snatch, EMOM @ 50k

    Tabata with wall ball, sdhp, burpee and ab mat sit-ups, but a buddy in my class thought it would be better with GHD. Ouch.
    280 total reps

    Mobility done. Bwc from yesterday done. Back in CR tomorrow!

  10. OHP 20K
    DL 60K
    my turkish get ups got up and went – leaving much to be desired
    did full sit ups with 20lb ball instead of GHDs
    post wod – completed

  11. OHP – 40/45/45/45/45 slowly getting some strength back
    DL – 80/90/100/100/110

    WOD: 3 rounds + 2 TGU – 35 for 3 TGU to get the feel then switched to 55.

  12. No Crossfit on Wednesday but I did get in a sweet Couch Potato workout.

    At each commercial break alternate between an ab workout and pushups…sounds easy but it takes its toll after a couple rounds of switching the exercise.

    Got 4 sets of each in for 100 ab reps and 100 pushups. Could have done more but I had baby all night so I got started later than I would have liked.

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