July 14


Thursday July 24th we will holding a Rowing Seminar at the gym. Look for details next week. If you are looking to get a step up in your game and really LEARN how to row, you will not want to miss this one. $10 bucks at the door.

USAW sanctioned Kilo Open is July 19th!  Get your Lift on!  Information and registration click here! If you are attending we need to be registered NLT tuesday at noon.

Summer Slam Registration is closed for the Rx division but we still have plenty of spots for scaled mens and women’s. Sign up under our events page. 

August 2nd Squaw Creek

August 9th 2nd Annual CF2.2 Bike Ride more info to follow 

Also we are looking for someone to fill child care spots at 0930am, incentives on memberships are available please email us at info@crossfit2point2.com if interested. 

We had a great turnout as always for our Bring  A Friend Saturday, thank to all of you that continue to show support and bring people in to our great gym. Keep up the good work by all. Thank you.

RX: 5×2 @ 60% Snatch (technique work). 100m Pinch grip WALK (15/20), 21 Chest To Bar Pull Ups, 100m WALK, 15 Chest To Bar Pull Ups, 100m WALK, 9 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

Gold: 5×2 @ 60% Snatch (technique work). 100m Pinch grip WALK (10/15), 21 Pull Ups, 100m WALK, 15 Pull Ups, 100m WALK, 9 Pull Ups

Silver: 5×2 Snatch (technique work). 100m Pinch grip WALK (15/20), 21 Jumping Pull Ups, 100m WALK, 15 Jumping Pull Ups, 100m WALK, 9 Jumping Pull Ups

Endurance: 5x25yd Sprints then 5x30sec Speed Box Jumps

Post WOD : 3 X 50 Hollow Rocks


  • Great to be back to normal schedule today.

    Snatch: 5×2 @ 35k. Should stick to this really light weight until I get over pulling so early. Working at this today helped a little but needs a lot more reps.
    WOD: 6:39 gold
    Post WOD: 3×50 hollow rock
    Some Ring PU

  • 5×2 snatch @ 60% at 25k – this was a legit 60%, however, i don’t feel like i really focused on technique too much this morning :/
    wod: 6.57 gold – arms / upper body felt really weak on the pu’s
    post wod: 2×50, 1×20 hollow rocks, hs holds

    • and i want to piggy-back on erin’s comment from the other day! hoping more people at 2.2 start us use the blog again to post times, weights, etc. it’s nice to read about someone’s pr, or the work they are putting in – especially with so many different class times and new members. hoping to catch up on lots of comments throughout the day!

  • Since Erin chewed all our asses last week, here we go… :)

    Lift : 40K…I don’t know about this lift…sometimes it feels good, sometimes I feel like I’m going to fall forward, sometimes I feel like I’m going to fall backwards, I’m sure it all looks like a mess…

    WOD : 7:17 gold. This was harder than I was expecting. My hands didn’t want to hold on to the PU bar after carrying the plates.

  • Snatch @ 30k

    WOD: 11:13- plate pinch @ 15k- this has always been really hard for me and my small hands & regular pull ups because CTBs weren’t happening today

    PostWOD: done

  • Lift: 65k

    WOD: 13: something. My incompetent left thumb wouldn’t hold anything so first two rounds with 20 and the last set with 15k. My incompetent left thumb is now a numb, incompetent thumb. Hopefully the feeling comes back soon. I kinda need that!

    Hollow rocks done.

  • Lift -25k

    Wod. 14:56. 15k plates. CTB ( not all of them touched).

  • Snatch 5×2: 35
    WOD: 7:12 CTB/10K plate pinch walk.
    Post WOD: 3×50 hollow rocks
    3×10 GHD glute-hammys and 3×10 med ball hammy D’s

    Huge Props to Shawn Stimmel for finishing the workout today when his hands decided not to work.

  • Gold: 5×2 @ 60% Snatch (technique work). – 32k
    WOD: 5:54 15k for pinch grip

  • Snatch @ 43k

    WOD – a humble 18:45 RX. My left forearm was toast but I needed to finish. Physically it was almost impossible for me to go faster.

    Thanks to everyone for cheering me on. I love that we have good teammates to support each other b/c sooner or later you need that extra boost.

    Post WOD – 100 hollow rocks

    • You really hung in there. I could tell you were frustrated to say the least but you fought for it! Nice job!

  • Snatch – a mighty 14K

    WOD 9:12 plate pinch @ two 10K plates. Went unbroken until the last 20 feet of the 3rd walk. Pull-ups first rd then jumping since I wasn’t getting my chest close to the bar…go figure.

    Post WOD: 30 hollow rocks

  • Snatches at 20k
    WOD – 11:39 10k plates and ctb.
    Hollow rocks done

  • Lift @ 30kg snatches are starting to feel better (and buy that I mean I can nearly do them) after my new stretching regime.

    WoD 11:04 pinch plate failure kicked in fair early on which made it slow. I did enjoy this WoD, chest to bars are getting there. I just need ot learn to link them together properly

  • Lift Snatch 5×2 50k. Worked with Chad B on trying to get back to the full snatch again. Been a long time and have a long ways to go.
    WOD 8:49 RX. This was a fun WOD. I was awesome to come hop in with the 4 o’clock group today and see some people that I don’t get to see at 5am.
    Nice work Shawn Stimmel on pushing through the suck today!

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