July 18


Thursday July 24th we will holding a Rowing Seminar at the gym. Look for details next week. If you are looking to get a step up in your game and really LEARN how to row, you will not want to miss this one. $10 bucks at the door.

Summer Slam Registration is closed for the Rx division but we still have plenty of spots for scaled mens and women’s. Sign up under our events page. 

August 2nd Squaw Creek

August 9th 2nd Annual CF2.2 Bike Ride more info to follow 

Also we are looking for someone to fill child care spots at 0930am, incentives on memberships are available please email us at info@crossfit2point2.com if interested. 

Check out all details on our events page

Rx : Overhead Press Max 8min. Then, “Badger” 3 rounds for time of 30 Cleans (30/43), 30 Pull ups, 800m Run 40min Cap

Gold : Overhead Press 3 Rep Max 8min. Then, “Badger” 20 Cleans (30/43), 20 Pull ups, 800m Run. 

Silver : 3×10 OHP. Then, “Badger” 15 Cleans (20), 15 Jumping Pull ups, 800m Run. 

Endurance : 2 mile Run

Post WOD : 3 X 50 Banded RDL


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