July 19



Saturday Morning WOD 0800 and 0915

With a partner complete anyway you choose , regardless of progress you will move onto the next portion of the WOD at the appropriate time

Begin at 0:00 on the clock    For Time :

10 Thrusters @ 40/70k Rx/ 30/50k Gold / 20/30k Silver

                                                    10 Muscle Ups Rx / CTB Pullups Gold / Pullups Silver

                                                   10 Thrusters

10 Bar Muscle Ups Rx/ CTB Pullups Gold / Pullups Silver

10 Thrusters

10 Muscle ups

10 Thrusters

Start at 30:00 min on the clock  3 Rounds for Time

14 HSPU Rx / HSPU Progressions Gold / Inverted Box HSPU

7 Deadlift 100/143k Rx / 70/100k Gold / 40/60k Silver

Start at 45:00 min on the clock 2 Rounds for time

200m Run each partner must run

75 Double Unders Rx/ Gold / Singles for Silver

25 TTB Rx/ KTE Gold / KTE Silver

One comment

  • Good luck to all those competing at the Oly lift at Kilo!

    Thanks to Josh for adjusting the WOD even with that adjustment I lacked intensity today.

    3 rounds
    2min row
    2min wall walk
    2min walking lunges

    Post WOD 7 mile run in 1:22:34

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