June 24


We will be starting our summer hours this Friday, it will only effect the Friday class only. There will be no 630 pm class. 

This Saturday we will be holding only one class starting at 845am

4th of July America WOD, Looking to have some fun and dress up in your best America apparel, or costume. There will be only one class that day, starting at 9am and we will be grilling and hanging out for a bit afterwards. So if yo would like to bring meat and sides we will provide the grill and some beverages. 

August 2 Squaw Creek Army Challenge, we are signed up for the early 9am heat, Team Name is under CrossFit 2.2, we always have a great turnout for this event, we look forward to it again. 

August 16 CrossFit 2.2 Summer Slam Team comp, Details coming soon.

We will have many athletes going to compete at the the Sturgis Throwdown this Saturday at CrossFit Kilo if you are free everyone is welcome to come down and support our members as they compete.

RX:  Snatch 4×1 @ 85% Superset with max effort weighted CTB. Then, 3 min to find max reps of CTB. 

Gold: Snatch 4×3 @ 85% 3rm Superset with max effort weighted Pull Ups. Then, 3 min to find max reps of Pull Ups.

Silver: Overhead Squat 4×10 Superset with max 3 Pull Ups. Then, 3 min to find max reps of Jumping Pull Ups.

Endurance: 3x1000m Row (1:1)

Post WOD : 3X20 sec TTB Hold

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15 Responses to June 24

  1. Janine says:

    Lift: 4×3 @ 11.6. Started with a 15K bar and couldn’t get the form right do had to drop down. Superset with strict pull ups max effort of 1

    WOD: 3min Max rep pullups: 24 w/ lg. green band

    Post WOD: walk The Dude

  2. Jamie says:

    Snatch: 4×1 50, 52(3) Strict Pull Ups 4,3,3,3
    WOD: 39 Pull Ups

  3. Craig G says:

    Snatch Superset – 4×3 @ 45k superset with 5 strict pull ups
    WOD: 41 pull ups – kip was a little better today.
    Post WOD: done

  4. Ben says:

    Lift : 4×3 @ 50K…a couple fails in the 2nd and 3rd set. Last two of last set felt the best of any

    WOD : didn’t count, worried about keeping ab mat between my legs

  5. Erin K says:

    OHS 3×10: 35
    Clean: 55×3, 65×3, then attempted to max out. Hit 75 (3K PR) and got under 80 a few times but couldn’t stand it up. Soon.
    BS 5×5: 60K

  6. Shawn Stimmel says:

    Snatch – 2×1 @ 70, 2×3 @ 60

    WOD – 56 RX
    Post WOD – done

  7. Aimee jones says:

    Snatch -35k super set w weighted pu

    Wod. 36- Chester bar attempts w a few BFPU thrown in.

  8. Gary Moore says:

    Lift: Snatch 4×3 – 40k
    Wod: 36 pull ups.

  9. Dana says:

    Snatch: 4×3@35k
    Strict PUs: 4,3,3,3

    WOD: 39 PUs

    PostWOD: KTE holds

  10. Brandon says:

    Snatch 45 strict pu 4 4 3 3
    Gold WOD 21

  11. Rubi says:

    Snatch – 4×3 at 27k.
    WOD – 38 ctb

  12. Eric says:

    wod: 55 Rx

  13. andrea says:

    made up this workout on thursday am…
    snatch: 4×3: 35 (3), 37 (1)
    wod: 35 pu’s
    post-wod: joined up with mobility wod

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