June 25


We will be starting our summer hours this Friday, it will only effect the Friday class only. There will be no 630 pm class. 

This Saturday we will be holding only one class starting at 845am

4th of July America WOD, Looking to have some fun and dress up in your best America apparel, or costume. There will be only one class that day, starting at 9am and we will be grilling and hanging out for a bit afterwards. So if yo would like to bring meat and sides we will provide the grill and some beverages. 

August 2 Squaw Creek Army Challenge, we are signed up for the early 9am heat, Team Name is under CrossFit 2.2, we always have a great turnout for this event, we look forward to it again. 

August 16 CrossFit 2.2 Summer Slam Team comp, Details coming soon.

RX:  Clean and Jerk 4×1 @ 85%. Superset with 1 pro-agility. Then, 3 rounds for time of 500m row, 15 Hand Release Push Ups and 400m run.

Gold: Clean and Jerk 4×3 @ 85% 3rm. Superset with 1 pro-agility. Then, 3 rounds for time of 500m row, 15 Hand Release Push Ups and 400m run.

Silver: 4×10 Med Ball Cleans. Superset with 1 pro-agility. Then, 3 rounds for time of 500m row, 5 Hand Release Push Ups and 400m run.

Endurance: 1.5mile run

Post WOD : Back Levers 3X Max Effort

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19 Responses to June 25

  1. Janine says:

    C&J 4×3 @ 21.6k w/pro-agility

    WOD: 17:31 Rx

    Post WOD 3×5 skin the cats on the floor

  2. Jamie says:

    Lift Only today: CJ 4 x 1 @ 61K

  3. Craig G says:

    C&J: 4×3 @ 65k superset with pro-agility
    WOD: 14:04 RX
    Post WOD: 3 back levers more like until saw to many stars 8-O

  4. Rachel says:

    Clean & Jerk 4×1 @60K
    WOD: 15:58 RX
    Post-WOD Attempted

  5. Jaye says:

    C&J 4×1 – 80 Ugly/60/70/70 lacking power
    WOD: 15:37

  6. Brandon DeWitt says:

    C&J 45k with Running back and fourth
    Wod 17:13
    post wod done

  7. Gary Moore says:

    Clean and Jerk 4×3 @ 50k. Superset with 1 pro-agility.
    WOD: 17:09

  8. Jake says:

    C&J: 4×3 @ 50k. Superset w/ pro-agility.
    WOD: 16.10

  9. Erin K says:

    OHS 3×5: 45
    Snatch Balance 6×3: 45, 46(2), 49(3)
    OHP 5×5: 35
    Bench 10 x 3: 40
    Muscle Ups 2×5
    Hollow rocks x 50

  10. Brad says:

    OHS 3×10 40k
    Snatch balance attempts but back was killing me.
    OHP 58k 5×5
    Bench 3 reps EMOM 95k for 10 min
    Bi/tri blaster
    muscle ups 2×5
    20k weighted sit ups 3×10
    3 back lever attempts

  11. Shawn Stimmel says:

    WOD – 12:32 RX. Did the WOD first today

    C&J – 4×1 @ 80k

  12. Joel K. says:

    Front Squats: 2×10 30K then 35K.

    WOD: Gold-subbed 200m run. 12:49.

  13. Dana says:

    C&J: 4×3@45k

    WOD: 15:53 Rx

    PostWOD: attempts

  14. andrea says:

    c&j: 50 (3), 52 (1)
    wod: 16.28
    post-wod: hs attempts, skin the cats

  15. Ben says:

    Lift : 4×3 @ 70K

    WOD : 15:49

  16. Eric says:

    WOD: 14:42

  17. Chris says:

    C&J: 110k

    WOD: 15:36 Rx. Gotta love those runs… Not!

  18. Rubi says:

    C&J 4×3 – 35k, 40k (3).
    WOD – 16:18

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