June 30


Great job to every that competed this past weekend at both Kilo and the Urban Games.

July 4th is our Great American Bash starting at 9 am. Dress up as patriotic figures and clothing. We will have the grill going afterwards please bring some meats and beverages if you would like. Looking to have a great time with everyone.


EMOM 10min 1 Snatch @ 90%, 1 Power Clean + 2 Jerks @ 90% PC. Then 5 RFT of 50 air squats and 5 Ring Muscle ups

. EMOM 10min 2 Snatch @ 90%3rm, 2 Power Clean + 2 Jerks @ 90% 3rm PC. Then 5 RFT of 50 air squats and 5 Ring Muscle up progressions.

EMOM 10min 5 overhead squats and 5 med ball cleans. Then 5 RFT of 30 air squats and 5 Jumping Pull ups ups.

post wod Hollow body Rocks  3×50


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3 Responses to June 30

  1. Craig G says:

    Lift was a WOD in itself.

    10 min EMOM Lift Complex: 50k
    WOD: 9:19 gold
    Post WOD: 3×50 hollow rocks

  2. andrea says:

    lift: 33k for 4 sets then had to jump to 30k – that was tough.
    wod: 10.58 gold with jumping ring mu progressions
    post-wod: 60 hollow rocks

  3. Shawn Stimmel says:

    Lift – 60k

    WOD – 8:51 RX.
    Post WOD – 100 hollow rocks

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