March 1

This Saturday’s WOD will all depend on if we find a pool location. If I don’t find one then we will have the WOD at the gym as usual.

The Opens are almost here, if you are registered don’t stray from the programing, continue to follow what is posted. Stay healthy, stay training, and be ready for some good old fashion hard work. All the hard work will pay off.

Warm up: 3 x 10yd HS walk. And 30 air squats

RX:  Back Squats 3×2@ 95% then 2×2@ 90%. 5 rounds for time of 10 Bulgarian Squats (30/40), 20 Ring Dips, and 30 Air Squats.

Gold:  Back Squats 5×5. 5 rounds for time of 10 Bulgarian Squats (30/40), 20 Dips, and 30 Air Squats.

Silver:  Back Squats 5×10. 5 rounds for time of 10 Bulgarian Squats, 20 Box Dips, and 30 Air Squats.

Endurance:  Up hill sprint x10

Competitor:  RX, Endurance

Post WOD: 30 yd Weighted Inch worm


  • Back squat-110-115-120(5k pr)

    wod- 14:34- 1.5 rounds RX then added skinny red band for dips

    post wod- 3xx15 russian twists with 15k plate

  • PU: 11/8/7/6/6 (singles in between 100/100/100/50/50
    Box Squat: 12×2 70(1)/80(2)/90(9) Not sure about these glad it was the last time
    WOD: 13:08 Red Band for Dips. Bulgarian Squats not fun when you have a bad hamstring
    DU: 5×35

  • BS: 5×5@62(1), 65(4)
    WOD: 17:06
    Used blue band for ring dips
    Post WOD: 3×10 GHD sit-ups

  • BS: 120, 130, 130, 110, 110

    WOD: 8:48 rx

  • Box Squats: 12×2 @ 110

    WOD: 11:11 Rx

  • BS- 105, 105, 105, 100, 100

    WOD- 16:05 w/ thin green band for dips.

  • BS: 3×2 = 95(failed on second), 85, 85
    2×2: 85
    Not feeling these today…ugh. Should have been at 95 and 90.

    WOD: 15:30 30K w/red skinny band ring dips. No shoulder pain with these!!!

    Day 1 of pull up recon program.

  • Back Squats- 160, 150, 150 (EPIC FAIL, just happy I could get out from under the bar before it broke my neck), 130, 130

    WOD- Subbed 20 Hollow Rocks for Ring Dips every round

  • Squats- tried to max out. Wasn’t great but it is what it is. 92k.

    WOD 14.30- dips on ghd w no band. Last two rounds did half on rings w red or blue band half on ghd no band.

  • BS 70, 72, 75 (1fail)
    2×2 70

    WOD 15:04 banded dips

  • silver 12:49 Bs 5×5 50k

  • whoops that was me above! Was logged in under Erin BUT regardless…welcome back from EVERYONE! 😀

  • BS: 3×2 @95% 85 kg, 2×2 @90% 80 kg
    WOD: 15:09 with smallest red band
    Recon Pull-up Program Day 1

  • BS 5 x 5 70/75/75/75/80
    wod: 16 min – bar only bulgarian / ring dips 1 band

  • BS: 160,170,175 (pr)

    WOD: 10:44 Rx
    PostWOD: recon pullups week 6 with 25 double unders between sets

  • Box Squat 1RM: 95K
    PullUp Recon Week 5: 9,7,6,5,5 Did 10 burpees between each set
    HSPU Recon Week1: 5,4,4,3,2 (1st set of 4 was broken up)
    3 x 10 OHS @30K.
    WOD: 18:42 RX A littttttle bit gassed from the work before. Struggled. 1st set of dips all w/ red band, 2nd=10 w/o band, 3rd=7 w/o band, 4th= 5 w/o band, 5th=3 w/o band

  • BS: Found One Rep Max today at 150k

    WOD: 16:28 RX

  • BS 3×2@77 2×2@70

    WOD: 19:21 w/ red band

  • BS 5×10 19, 21, 23, 25, 27
    WOD 19:11

    • Such a great job Lisa! I love working out with you, you have a great attitude! You really set a nice pace in the WOD, plus, your back squats look sooooo much smoother! High five!

  • Squats 3×2: 70K, 72K, 75K
    Squats 2×2: 70K, 70K
    WOD: 19:28 – Dips with blue band

  • My thighs are on FIRE today and I love it, it means I did some good work on Friday.
    Back Squats at 40,40, 43, 43, 45
    WOD was almost all silver, with weighted PVC for the Bulgarians and box dips. My time was over 15 minutes, but under 20.

    That was my first time with Bulgarian Squats. Wowsers.

    Also, a key ingredient was Nick. I would have quit without him watching me. Honestly, towards the end of my 4th round I was thinking “will anyone know if I pretend that was my last round?” But, I’d know, and Nick would know and cheating myself something I can’t afford to do.

    See you all tomorrow at yoga!

    • ;). You’re awesome Erin. Just sayin’

    • Awesome job Erin! You have come a long ways already! Keep up your hard work, it’s really paying off!

      • Thank you, Chris! The physical benefits of CrossFit are just one aspect, the fantastic support system is a huge bonus! And I feel smarter, about my own body, and fitness in general. I’m getting more fit + making friends + learning stuff! How great is that?!?

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