March 3

Swimming at Marion Ymca at 0830, Hot yoga at 2pm. Hope to see as many as we can at yoga. See everyone tomorrow.

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6 Responses to March 3

  1. Tim Barcz says:

    How much is each tomorrow?

    • Chris says:

      I think the swim is no cost and the yoga is a group deal for $80 for as many people as we can get there. It will be under $8 each for sure.

  2. erin k says:

    Update!!! Marion YMCA is apparently closed until noon. Heading to the mac by ghengis grill to try and swim there. No guarantees ….yoga is still a go.

  3. Aimee Jones says:

    Hot yoga was amazing! Thanks for organizing

  4. Katy says:

    Such an awesome turn out at Yoga! It was great.

  5. Erin Tapken says:

    Yoga was so great! I can’t wait to do it again!

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