March 4

Rx:Max Back Squats. Then 30-20-10 Bulgarian Squats (35/50) and CTB Pull Ups

Gold:  4×5 Back Squats. Then 30-20-10 Bulgarian Squats (30/40) and Pull Ups

Silver:  4×10. Then 30-20-10 Bulgarian Squats and Pull Ups.

Endurance:  Lateral Sled Pull 2×70 yds @ 50% body weight. 50 Overhead Squats with Bar Bell.

Competitor: RX,  AMRAP Muscle ups 5 min.

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46 Responses to March 4

  1. Sarah W. says:

    My ass still hurts from Friday’s Bulgarian squats!!

  2. Katy says:

    Max Back squat- 130 (10k pr and officially 2x my body weight)

    WOD- 10:58 rx- strongest I have ever felt with CTB

    Post wod- 50 knees to elbows
    Recon dips- 4-3-3-2-2

  3. Jaye says:

    Back Squat: 3×8 (72.5)/1×4 (82.5)/3×4 (92.5)/1×5(92.5)
    WOD: Pull-Ups + 30K Bulgarian Squats (No Clue on time wrote it down and forgot already)
    3×36 DU
    Pull-Ups: 12/8/7/7/6

    • Erin K says:

      Ughhhh not looking forward to that work load for next weeks squat cycle. And I WILL be doing recon today even though we have to do 60 pullups in the workout b/c I know you’d be disappointed if I didn’t. :-)

  4. Rob says:

    Squat neg: 1 x 155K

    WOD: 7:34 (50k Blg Sq, pull ups)

  5. Nicki says:

    BS….82. which is ZERO growth. I suck :)

    WOD 11:52 RX….although some PU were not CTB

    Post wod-Knees to elbows

  6. Jeff says:

    BS- 122k, 12 over my PR from last week.

    WOD- 11:54 gold

  7. Tom says:

    Max Back Squat-175k (13k PR)

    WOD-8:41 with Hollow Rocks subbed for Pull-Ups

  8. Katie says:

    BS: 4×5@65
    WOD: 11:57
    Bulgarian Squats @30k
    Assisted Pull-ups with blue band

  9. Chris says:

    Max BS: 195 (20k PR over Fridays PR)

    WOD: 6:20 Rx

    PostWOD: 50 kte

  10. Rachel says:

    Max Back Squat: 90K (10K PR – glad I got that high after failing 82K)
    WOD: 15:50 – bulgarian squats may be my nemesis…struggle city

  11. Eric says:

    just came to max out, didn’t have time for the WOD

    BS: 130 was previous PR. today hit 140 and 145. the 145 was a little sketchy, but it came up i guess.

  12. Chad Breidinger says:

    Max BS- 165k
    WOD- RX 7:43

  13. Aimee Jones says:

    Squats. Day one.
    WOD – Rx ish – attempted CTB.

  14. Ben D says:

    Max BS 130 ( officially tied with Katy)
    WoD: 12:32 RX

    Muscle up work. Couple attempts….if only it was ore like horse shoes and hand grenades… But tomorrows a fresh day!

  15. Dana says:

    Max BS: 92k- 12k Pr

    WOD: 11:35 gold

  16. erin k says:

    Pullup recon week 6: 10,7,6,6, w/ 25 unbroken du’s between each set.
    Bs negative at 100k.
    Wod: 30k to get proper form and not be there until tomorrow and all ctb except 2 pullups.
    Mu work….next goal is string 3 together

  17. shannon says:

    Negative back squats 100 kg. Failed one attempt. Did another.
    Wod: 10:53 rx
    Pull ups 6-5-5-4-3

    So awesome to see Ben basically get a muscle up! Good job on squatsday everyone!

  18. Kevin W says:

    Back squat: 155k max

    WOD: RX 10:30 I think

  19. Holly says:

    BS 77k
    Wod- 13ish

  20. Kaitlin says:

    BS: 100k same as before haven’t been able to hit the gym as hard as I had and it’s showing
    WOD: rx for the most part DNF though..ended with stitches haha clumsy!

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