March 5

Great work on the Back Squats yesterday, we had some pretty big PR’s get thrown out there, we are going to be maxing all week so lets keep them coming. Show off what all that hard work has been for by putting some heavy weight on the bar and move it with some authority. As soon as you put your hands on the bar, you own it, its yours, dont let it control you. Keep up the great work its all paying off.

RX:  Max Overhead Press. Then, 3×3 Push Press @ 90%. As Many Rounds As Possible 12min. 100yd shuttles (10yd increments), 10 KettleBell Swings (55/70), 10 Deadlifts (70/100).

Gold:  4×5 Overhead Press. Then, 3×5 Push Press. As Many Rounds As Possible 12min. 100yd shuttles (10yd increments), 10 KettleBell Swings Swings (35/55), 10 Deadlifts (60/85).

Silver:  4×10 Overhead Press. Then, 3×5 Push Press. As Many Rounds As Possible 12min. 100yd shuttles (10yd increments), 10 KettleBell Swings Swings (25/35), 10 Deadlifts (35/45).

Endurance:  3×5 Barrier HopsW-Drill x3. 3×20 Back Squats.

Competitor:  RX, Competitor’s wod

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41 Responses to March 5

  1. Erin K says:

    HSPU Recon Week 2: 5,4,4,3,2. 10 air squats between sets
    1RM OHP: Stillllllll 37K. Oh well, some day :-)
    3 x 3PP: 40,42,45
    WOD: 4 rounds + DL + Run + 8KBS (Started w/ DL.) DL @ 70K, 1st round of KBS at 55lb, dropped to 35 lb for KBS
    PullUpRecon Week 6: 10,7,6,6,5. 20 BF situps between sets.

  2. Ben D says:

    OHP: 55 (matched PR from a week or two ago), 60(f)
    PP: 60/70/70
    WoD: RX 4 rds + KBS, DL, 3 shuttle runs (Started on KBS)

    Huge happy happy day for me in the gym today. Lifts felt good, WoD sucked but felt good….getting my first muscle up felt AMAZING!!!!! Thanks Nick, Shannon, Tom, Katy, Erin and everyone else that has given me pointers or helped motivate me up here. The gains I’ve made in my short time at 2.2 are beyond anything I ever thought I was capable of, and it’s all because of our crazy little family and how without even trying we can push each other to greatness. Do work!!

  3. Katy says:

    OHP-47-50(f)-49(f)- matched pr set last week
    PP-60-62-62-new 3 rm
    WOD-4 rounds plus 10dl, run and 2 kb swingsRX. Started on DL
    100 BFSU
    Recon dips

  4. Jaye says:

    Pre-Class work
    PU/Singles: 12/8/7/7/6 & 100/100/100/50/50
    DU: 5×36
    OHP: 55/65 (5) PR
    PP: 60/70 (2)
    WOD: Gold 5+11 (KB swings are feeling really good, I was able to get a few reps pulling instead of swinging much faster might be time to move up weight)
    Post WOD: 100 BFSU

  5. Jamie says:

    OHP: 45K (3K PR)
    PP: 3 x 3 @ 47K
    WOD: 7 Deadlifts shy of 5 rounds RX – Deadlifts were easy compared to those damn 55# kb’s.
    100 BF Situps Done

  6. Rob says:

    OHP: 1RM @ 72 (7k PR)
    PP: 3×3 @ 70

    WOD: 5 rds + 20 reps Gold (I need something between 55 and 70 KB. 55 is too light but not quite there with the 70. should have done 100k DL)

    Post WOD: 100 Abmat SU

  7. Holly says:

    OHP – 42
    PP – 45, 47(2)

    WOD – 5 rounds + 21. 60k dl and 35lb kb

  8. Chad B says:

    Max Ohp -75k
    Pp- 3×3 @70k
    WOD- RX 5 DL short of 5 rds

  9. Farmer says:

    So there is this guy down there, I think his name is Nick but not sure though. I also think he teaches classes from time to time. My question is does he ever workout? I ask this because I never see his weights or WOD results on here.

    A Concerned Blog Stalker

  10. Aimee Jones says:

    OHP & pp- 15k shoulder better but not w these

    WOD – 35# DB and 70k DL. 5 rounds plus 18 reps.

  11. Rachel says:

    OHP Max: 45K
    Push Press 3×3: 47K
    WOD: 4 rounds + 11 reps
    – 55lb kettlebells (all unbroken)
    – 70K DL all but one round when I dropped to 60
    Post Wod: 100 butterfly situps

  12. Katie says:

    OHP: 4×5@29.6
    PP: 5×5@29.6
    WOD: Gold 35k kb and 60k DL
    6 rounds + 20 (10 laps, and 10 kbs)

  13. Shannon Zweber says:

    OHP Max: 47kg, 50(f), 49(f)…im okay with 47, 3 kg PR
    3×3 PP @ 90%: 50kg,52kg, 55kg

    WOD: 6 full rounds + 8 reps of KB (started with KB)

    Post: 100 BF sit ups & Recon Pull ups

  14. Lisa says:

    Silver: 15, 17, 17 OP. 20, 20, 22 PP. WOD 5 + 30 yds. 100 Butterfly situps.

  15. Chris says:

    OHP: 70,75,80(pr),82(f – got it with Ro’s help)
    PP: 90,90,95

    WOD: 6 rds plus DL and 2-10 yard runs, started with DL

    PostWOD: Done

  16. Kevin W says:

    Overhead press: 67.5k
    Push press: 3×3 at 67.5k

    WOD: all rx 4 rounds + 10 kbs +2 DL

  17. Rubi says:

    OHP: 30k 1rm, PP 3×3 @ 30k
    Wod: started at DL, 5 rounds plus DL at 55K, 35# kb.
    100 Bf situps done and day 8 of back squat program.

  18. Dana says:

    OHP: 37k- 5k PR

    WOD: 4rds+run+4 KBS- DL@60k, KBS@55 first time swinging 55

  19. Tim Barcz says:

    OHP: 65, 70, 72 (f)
    PP: 3×3 80, 80, 82

    WOD (Gold): 5 rounds

  20. brad says:

    Ohp 60/62/65/65
    Pp 3 x 5. 55
    Gold 5 rds + 5 dl / started with dls/ 70 dl

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