March 6

RX:  Max Clean & Jerk. Then, 50 Double Unders, 40 Hand Release Push Ups, 30 Hang Power Snatch (35/50), 20Burpee Muscle Ups.

Gold:  Clean & Jerk 4×3. Then, 50 Double Unders (attempts), 40 Push Ups, 30 Hang Power Snatch (30/40), 20Burpee Pull Ups.

Silver:  Med Ball Cleans 4×10. Then, 50 Single Unders, 40 Push Ups, 30 Overhead Squat (bar), 20 Strict Pull Ups.

Endurance:  200 Double Unders, 500 m row, 1mile run.

Competitor:  RX

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61 Responses to March 6

  1. Eric says:

    C&J: 80, 85 F w/ the jerk. i really need to get better w/ the jerk

    WOD: 12:07 Rx movements except for 40K. dropped down from 50 cuz i didn’t think i’d make the time cap. wish i wouldn’t have.

    post wod.

  2. Ben D says:

    Max CJ: 90 Failed at 92. 8k PR from last week.
    WoD: 12:42 RX moving to gold for mu/pu. Did 5 burpee m/u attempts all misses, so switched to 15 burpee pullups.
    Post Wod: Hollow rocks and mobility done.

  3. Nicki says:

    60k -5k pr

    13:33 gold

  4. Jaye says:

    Back Squats: 3×8 (67)/3×8 (77)/1×4 (87)/1×3 (100)/2×5 (92)
    C&J: 70/82 (failed)/82 (failed Jerk)/82 (failed) note to self never do 10 sets of BS before Max C&J. Legs felt like junk on the Jerk
    WOD: 10:25 RX&Gold Mixed, RX DU&HRPU, Gold Snatch&Burpee Pull-ups
    DU 3×36

  5. Chad B says:

    Max c&j -100k (8k PR) 105 (f)
    WOD-RX =DNF had 5 burpe MU left. Stupid DU’s.

  6. Aimee Jones says:

    Clean- no jerk. 55k. PR

    WOD – 11.35. 25k snatch. DU attempts. Burpee pull-ups. Hand release push-ups.

  7. Holly says:

    Clean and Jerk – 52K (7k PR) Didn’t attempt 55k, but I think I could have got it. Next time! Form felt much better today.

    WOD – 12ish. Gotta get better at looking at the clock :)
    25k snatch (Should have done 30) A mix of singles and DU/DU attempts, Hand release push-ups, Burpee Pull-ups did no band today, but still need sooo much work.

  8. Kaitlin says:

    70k c&j way under my pr totally mind effing myself lately gotta get it figured out
    WOD: 14:37 did all my double unders :) 35k snatch and burpee pull-ups snatches killed me I need to get out of my head

  9. Rachel says:

    Clean & Jerk Max: 57K (10K PR)
    WOD: 14:01 RX except for pull-ups in place of MUs
    Post Wod: 2×30 Hollow Rocks, 50 DUs, 10 bar muscle ups (3 with the blue band and 7 with the skinniest red band)

  10. Katie says:

    Clean & Jerk: 4×3@ 41.8
    WOD: 11:37
    100 single unders
    40 pushups
    30 hang power snatch @25k
    20 burpee pullups (down to red band)

  11. Clint H says:

    Gold: Clean & Jerk 4×3 (55). Then, 50 Double Unders (attempts), 40 Push Ups, 30 Hang Power Snatch (30/40), 18 Burpee Pull Ups.15 min

  12. Shannon Zweber says:

    Max C&J: 65 kg…extremely ugly. Basically power cleaned it then rod it down then push pressed it hahah but I got it!

    WOD: 12:55 RX weight, burpee pull ups.

    Post WOD: 3×30 Hallow Rocks & Recon Pull ups

  13. brad petersen says:

    cj 4 x 3 55kg
    gold 50 dus/ 40 hrpu’s/30 -30 kg power snatch / 20 burpee pull ups= 11:34

  14. Chris says:

    C&J: 120 – no change – failed all heavier jerk attempts
    Clean: 130 (7k PR)

    WOD: 14:28 Rx – I’ve got to get more efficient with MU!! That took 6 1/2 minutes!

    Great job with all the PR’s this week guys! You are really working your ass off and it is paying off big!!

  15. Rubi says:

    Max C&J: 40k
    Wod: 12:31, DU, hrpu, 20k for snatches and burpee pullups.

  16. Erin K says:

    PullUp Recon Week 6: 10,7,6,6,5
    Clean & Jerk Max Effort: 55, 57, 62, 64 (F x 2) Previous max 52K….10K PR
    WOD: 12:18 RXish. DU’s, HRPU, and HPS (35K) Got that portion done in 8:02. Then did 4 burpee MU attempts, got 1. Went to burpee pu’s after that.
    Power Clean 8 x 3 at 38K done
    3 x 30 hollow rocks done.

  17. Lisa says:

    C&J 17, 20, 22, 25
    WOD: Silver 8:58. I think I copped out on the OHS (too lite) which is why I finished too fast. Thanks to Nick for bench pressing me through those pull ups! Starting RECON pull ups Friday.

  18. Jeff says:

    C&J- 55×2, 60×2 (F)

    WOD- 13:00 @ 30k.

    Clean at this weight is easy, but I can’t jerk (cue laugh track) it. It sucks and I don’t understand it.

  19. Dana says:

    Max C&J: 60k- 5k PR

    WOD: 13:13 gold except for HRPU

    3×30 hollow rocks

  20. Tim Barcz says:

    C&J: 107 (f), 107, 110 (f), 110 (f) (on the 110 I got the clean, missed the jerk, new clean PR I suppose).

    WOD Gold: 10:55

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